Watts Bar Unit 2 Reactor Safely Achieves Initial Criticality

Watts Bar Unit 2 is generating heat under its own power for the first time. Known as “initial criticality,” this milestone means the reactor has achieved its first sustained nuclear fission reaction and is operating safely as designed.

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Dam Safety Is a Top Priority at TVA

Keeping its dams performing well and the communities near them safe is a top priority for TVA. While that's always true, it's a top focus with the observance of National Dam Safety Awareness Day on May 31st.

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Lower Carbon Emissions Help Customers Compete

Increasingly, TVA's local power companies and directly served customer find themselves competing on carbon footprint. Good news! Theirs will be smaller this year, as TVA's carbon emissions rate went down 2.89 percent.

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Current News

Army Vet Embraces TVA Investment Challenge

When U.S. Army vet Brad Clark returned from his tour of Iraq, he met a new challenge: the TVA Investment Challenge. He was up for the mission, and helped lead a team to a 34.5% return on investment, more than 2% over the S&P 500.

TVA and Starkville Utilities Light the Way for Big Energy Savings at MSU

Mississippi State University—working with Energy Right Solutions for Business and Industry and Starkville Utilities—undertook an project to replace fluorescent lighting with LEDs, leading to over $400,000 in annual savings.

Understanding River Temperatures Saves Ratepayers Money

TVA engineers are mapping water temperatures on Wheeler Lake to help understand when—and when not—to operate cooling towers at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant. Net result? Cost savings to Valley power consumers.

TVA IT Lends a Hand

TVA IT employees teach Chattanooga elementary students how STEM skills can improve lives. The students’ final assignment? To 3D print and assemble a prosthetic hand to help a child in need.

Come Help Us Celebrate TVA Dams!

2016 is the 80th anniversary of the Unified Plan of the Development of the Tennessee River, the document that outlined TVA's integrated resource management approach to the Tennessee River system.

Shade Your Stream

Mowing up to the shoreline? You should reconsider. Allowing trees and other vegetation to grow along shorelines helps maintain water temperatures, prevents erosion and supports aquatic life.

Spring Fill Falling Behind

Seven of TVA’s ten large tributary reservoirs are falling behind on filling right now because of less than normal rainfall for this time of year. Will the situation get worse? TVA River Operations experts explain the odds.

TVA Keeps an Eye on its Ash

TVA monitors its coal ash 24/7, 365 to ensure there are no safety or environmental issues. To that end, it developed the Advanced Technology for Impoundment Monitoring center to immediately identify and respond to any coal ash issues before an emergency can happen

Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite seepage barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures for area residents and businesses will remain in place throughout the process. Read more about Boone Dam.

Watts Bar Nuclear

Watts Bar Unit 2 has achieved initial criticality and is now poised to bring online the first new nuclear power production of the 21st century. Watts Bar Nuclear Plant will generate 2,250 megawatts of carbon-free electricity—enough to power 1.3 million homes. Read more about Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.


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