The Campbell Creek Experiment

TVA and its partners at ORNL and EPRI built three homes with different energy efficiency features—one built to code, one retrofit with efficiency measures and one built to be near net-zero energy. Here's a guide to what really worked.

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Steady On: the Davidson Static VAR Compensator

When TVA shut down the Johnsonville Coal Plant in Middle Tennessee, there was possibility that power quality could become compromised. But the solution was in the pocket: the Davidson Static VAR Compensator.

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New Uses for Coal Byproducts

The dry coal ash produced by fossil fuel plants isn't just waste—the gypsum, fly ash and slag it contains can be sold for reuse in commercial building materials and more. See how coal ash is being recycled for a better tomorrow.

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Power on! Most power users—and you might be one—probably never give any thought to our extensive power transmission system. That's because we’re doing our job, and doing it well.

Our Power System

TVA's diverse power portfolio is ever changing. But here's a guide to our classic powerhouses: coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower and renewable such as solar, wind and biogas.

Technology Innovations

TVA is working to meet future demand for cleaner, leaner power by developing innovative technologies that will help it generate electricity in ways that are more renewable and efficient than ever before—designed to keep you comfortable while preserving natural resources.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner, small business entrepreneur or larger-scale developer, we provide incentives and technical support for you to develop your own renewable energy projects and potentially sell power back to TVA.


EnergyRight® Solutions

Want to make your home or business more energy efficient, and receive incentives to do so? Check out EnergyRight solutions, brought to you by TVA and your local power company. The program, working through its contractors, offers a suite of services that ranges from the simplest home duct sealing to the most complex planning for lighting and ventilation on a manufacturing floor. Start saving money today.

Our Customers

TVA sells its power to 154 individual local power companies, 59 large industrial and institutional customers, and 12 surrounding utilities that buy power from TVA power off the grid. TVA's customers serve as its partners—and to a large extent they make us who they are today.

Integrated Resource Plan

TVA’s IRP is a power planning roadmap to 2033 examining a variety of economic, regulatory and market-driven scenarios and strategies to help TVA respond to changing energy demands while continuing to provide reliable power at the lowest possible cost.