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Regional Council Subcommittees

The Regional Council’s four subcommittees and one working group reflect the Council’s priorities as established in its initial organizational meetings.

1. Integrated River Management
This subcommittee
will study TVA’s management of the Tennessee River System for multiple public benefits.
Charter and List of Members

2. Public Lands Management
The work of this subcommittee will relate to TVA’s stewardship of public lands and natural resources.
Charter and List of Members

3. Navigation Infrastructure
This group will advise TVA on issues related to navigation on the Tennessee River and the maintenance of a safe and efficient waterway.
Charter and List of Members

4. Water Quality
TVA’s activities regarding the improvement of water quality in the Tennessee River watershed will be the focus of this groups’s efforts.
Charter and List of Members

5. Legislative Action Working Group
Members: Austin Carroll, Miles Mennell, Elaine Patterson, Stephen Smith

TVA Advisor: Ann Wright


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