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Regional Resource Stewardship Council
Questions Related to TVA Involvement in Water Quantity Management

The first-term RRSC recommended that TVA take a leadership role in managing the water quantity and water supply in the Tennessee River watershed. Moving forward with this recommendation, TVA would like to explore in more detail the expectations of the second-term Council with regard to establishment of a watershed-wide partnership.

Because an initiative of this nature would require investments of scientific, technical and financial resources, additional input is requested as follows:

• Who specifically should be invited to participate in the watershed-wide partnership?
• What role should TVA play?
• What would be the successful end-state for such a watershed region partnership and specifically what are the deliverables that could result in the desired end-state?
• What are specific examples of objectives and strategies that might be used as input for a partnership?
• What time frame is reasonable for a partnership to be established and results obtained?
• How would such a partnership and its activities be funded?

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