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Letter to Regional Council Members

February 25, 2000

Dear Council Member:

I hope that you received your first packet of information without incident. Sandra Hill, the Council Records Officer, reports her delight in getting to know you as she assists you in the preparations for the first Council meeting. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail her with questions and requests. She will continue to be your main point of contact for logistics and meeting planning activities.

Enclosed is a second package of information. Please note the ONE ACTION ITEM:

  • A short questionnaire requesting your review and response by Wednesday, March 8. A stamped and addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Your response can be hand written on the form, or if an e-mail or letter format is more convenient, that too would be acceptable. The important thing is that we hear back from you.

The questionnaire is intended to provide us with some insight into your expectations for future Council meetings and other issues that may have arisen as you’ve considered your role on the Council. Likewise, the materials in this package are intended to acquaint you with TVA’s integrated resource management system and the array of benefits derived from TVA’s governance of the resources. At the first meeting we will review these concepts and allow for additional insight about the operations that provide for the current balance of outputs.

I look forward to first meeting you at the Council reception Thursday evening, March 16. TVA Board Director Glenn McCullough will be joining me and other TVA executives as we welcome you to your new role as a Council member. The reception will give you an opportunity to begin your acquaintances with the other Council members. In addition, I have invited a few key staff members who will likely be serving as subject matter experts as the Council business progresses.

The next package you receive will include a final agenda from Council Chair, Mayor Eddie Smith. Please note that Mayor Smith will preside over the initial Council meetings with the assistance of a consulting facilitator, Jim Creighton. Jim has many years of experience working with large groups involved in the policy management of both public power providers and private utilities as well as an array of natural resource management agencies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance or additional information.



Kathryn J. Jackson



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