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Letter of welcome to Regional Council members
February 17, 2000

Dear :
Congratulations on your appointment to TVA’s Regional Resource Stewardship Council. I am the Designated Federal Officer for the Council and will be working directly with you during each of the Council meetings. You likely have many questions about roles and responsibilities of Council membership as well as the content and processes that the Council will be addressing.

Please accept this correspondence as an initiating package of information--the first of several that you will receive between now and the first meeting on March 17, 2000. In this package you will find the following:

  • Announcement of the March 16 reception and preliminary agenda for March 17
  • A copy of the Government Services Administration-approved Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Charter
  • A copy of the press release used in announcing your appointment
  • Questions and answers about FACA and the Council
  • A list of Council members showing nomination source and affiliation
  • An alphabetized contact list of Council members
  • A short bio on each Council member


  • A meeting planning form for the first meeting
  • A personal contract for Council expense reimbursements

BY MARCH 5: Please sign the contract and complete the planning form then return both in the enclosed envelope that is addressed to our contracting officer, Patty Miller.

Among the additional materials you will receive within the next few weeks will be a short orientation questionnaire that will be used to help us prepare for the first meeting. I will use your responses from the questionnaire to work with the Council Chair, Mayor Eddie Smith, to develop the agenda for the first meeting.

The Mayor and I will be working with the Council meeting facilitator Jim Creighton. Jim has signed on to serve the Council as the meeting manager and facilitator. He has many years of experience working with groups like the Council and will be an excellent source of advice.

I look forward to meeting all of you at the reception the evening of March 16. The reception will give us a little time to become acquainted before we launch into the next, full day of Council business.

(Original signed by)
Kathryn J. Jackson



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