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TVA’s Response to Regional Council Subcommittee Recommendations

Letter from the TVA Board

October 23, 2001

Mr. Bruce D. Shupp, Chair
Regional Resource Stewardship Council
c/o ESPN Productions / B.A.S.S., Inc.
P.O. Box 17900
Montgomery, Alabama 36141-0900

Dear Bruce:
Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and the other Council members at your August meeting in Guntersville. We appreciate the significant commitment of time and the hard work the Council and its subcommittees have invested in developing recommendations for improving our river and lands management efforts.

Enclosed is our formal response-of-record to the Council’s first round of recommendations on integrated management of the Tennessee River system, management of public lands, and aquatic plant management policy. This response is based on our discussions with the Council and the Integrated River Management Subcommittee at the Council’s August 29th meeting.

TVA accepts the great majority of the Council’s recommendations. Those few points for which we required clarification are identified and explained in the response-of-record.

As we said during our remarks in Guntersville, the Council members are providing an invaluable service to the citizens of the Tennessee Valley. Your recommendations will help guide TVA as we continue our focus on excellence in business performance and generating prosperity in the Valley. Please extend our gratitude to the Council for their continuing efforts to increase the value of TVA’s service to the region.


(Original signed by)
Glenn L. McCullough, Jr.

Skila Harris


Responses to the recommendations

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