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Recreation Releases from TVA Dams

Boating, fishing and water skiing are the most popular types of recreational activities on TVA-managed lakes. But a growing number of people are interested in tailwater recreation—whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking and fishing in the area downstream from TVA dams.

To support these recreation activities, TVA maintains enough water flow to support fish and other aquatic life, and it provides scheduled releases for eight TVA dams so that paddlers will know when they can count on whitewater flows below the dams. Use the links below to view daily water release schedules for these dams.

Warning! Flood events, unexpected generating unit outages and other conditions can cause water release schedules to change with little or no notice. Get information on current releases and updates on predicted releases for the next two days here.


Ocoee No. 1
Ocoee No. 2
Ocoee No. 3
Tims Ford
Upper Bear Creek

Boating Safety for Paddlers

Paddling is a great family activity, but even slow, idyllic stretches of river can have hazards. Here are a few tips for a safer paddling trip:

  • Wear a helmet and a personal flotation device.
  • Paddle water appropriate to your skills.
  • Dress to prevent hypothermia.
  • Watch for fallen tree limbs, bridge piers, barbed wire across rivers, and other hazards.
  • Don’t paddle alone.
  • Do not paddle rivers in flood stage or after a heavy rain.
  • Never fish, wade or boat too close to the face of a dam. Learn more.
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