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Public Notice

Tennessee Valley Authority

October 31 , 2006

Proposed action

Construction of community dock and enhancement of existing boat ramp


Watauga River mile 41.9R, Watauga Reservoir, Carter County, Tennessee


The proposed work consists of construction of a community dock for private use for the Watauga Falls Subdivision. The proposed dock consists of nine covered, double boat slips (34’ x 332’) that include a 6’ x 50’ common walkway and a 6’ x 44’ courtesy dock and fishing pier. The proposed walkway is 4’ x 60’, with a sliding 6’ x 22’ drawdown walkway. The dock would extend no more than 60 feet lakeward during normal summer pool elevation. The sliding walkway would allow for winter drawdown. The entire facility would be anchored with either stiff arms or cables.

The proposed work also includes enhancement of an existing 100’ x 16’ boat ramp located between elevations 1,980 and 1,950. The existing surface would be reinforced with gravel and concrete. The normal summer pool for Watauga Reservoir is elevation 1,959.

TVA is interested in receiving comments on the potential of the proposed action to affect the environment or historic properties, and would like to identify any other issues associated with this proposal. All written comments on the proposed action must be received on or before Nov. 30, 2006, and should be directed to:

Konnie K. Lewis, TVA
Holston-Cherokee-Douglas Watershed Team
106 Tri-Cities Business Park Dr.
Gray, TN 37615
Office: 423-467-3805
Fax: 423-467-3815



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