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26a Standards for Residential Structures

Vegetation Management

No vegetation management will be approved on TVA-owned residential access shoreland until a vegetation management plan that meets standards developed by TVA is approved by TVA.

  1. All vegetation management activities require TVA’s advance written approval. Special site circumstances such as the presence of wetlands, may result in a requirement for mitigation measures or alternative vegetation management approaches.
  2. Vegetation may be cleared to create and maintain an access corridor up to but not exceeding 20 feet wide. The corridor will extend from the common boundary between TVA and the adjacent landowner to the water at normal summer pool.
  3. The access corridor will be located to minimize removal of trees or other vegetation on TVA land.
  4. Grass may be planted and mowed on the access corridor. Stone, brick, concrete, mulch, or wooden paths, walkways and/or steps are allowed.
  5. A 50-foot deep shoreline management zone shall be designated along the shoreline. The shoreline management zone shall begin at the normal summer pool elevation and extend 50 feet horizontally inland on the TVA property, or a lesser distance coincident with TVA ownership.
  6. Within the 50-foot shoreline management zone and elsewhere on TVA land, clearing of specified understory plants (poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, kudzu, and other exotic plants on a list provided by TVA) is allowed, and pruning of side limb of trees to enhance the view of the lake is allowed.
  7. On TVA land situated above the shoreline management zone (more than 50 feet upland from normal summer pool), selective thinning of trees or other vegetation under 3 inches in diameter at the ground level is allowed.
  8. Removal of trees outside of the access corridor but within the shoreline management zone may be approved to make the site suitable for approved shoreline erosion control projects.
  9. Vegetation removed for erosion control projects must be replaced with native species of vegetation.
  10. The forest floor must be left undisturbed. Mowing is allowed only within the access corridor.
  11. Planting of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and ground covers is allowed to improve or enhance the vegetative cover provided native plants are used.
  12. Fertilizers and herbicides must not be applied within the shoreline management zone or elsewhere on TVA land except as prescribed in a vegetation management plan.
  13. All use of herbicides on TVA land may be made only by a state-certified applicator.

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Additional information

You can landscape your shoreline property in a way that enhances its beauty and protects against erosion. Read TVA’s Riparian Restoration fact sheets for detailed information.


Also see Vegetation Management (PDF file, 141 kb, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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