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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of TVA's Regional Energy Resource Council?

TVA is establishing this Council to seek advice from the public and private sectors to help it determine the best way to manage its energy resource activities and the priorities among competing objectives and values.

Who appoints the Council members?

TVA is responsible for the appointment of the Council members. The governors of the seven states in TVA's power service area nominate one member each, and TVA appoints the remaining members. All members of the Council shall be persons possessing demonstrated professional or personal qualifications relevant to TVA's energy resource activities and represent the following interests:

  • Distributors of TVA power
  • Directly served industrial customers
  • Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
  • Tennessee Valley Industrial Committee
  • Non-governmental entity focused on environmental and/or energy issues
  • Chamber of commerce or economic and community development
  • Academic or research center

Does TVA give the governors criteria for making their appointments?

The governors may nominate a member that is a representative of their administration, or other individual as they determine, that has knowledge of the energy resource needs of their state or commonwealth and is familiar with TVA's activities in their state.

Is TVA required to follow the Council's recommendations?

TVA wants to ensure that it manages the power system with all public interests in mind. Although TVA is not required to follow the Council's recommendations, its members will play a strong role in any policy decisions or strategies TVA puts in place to manage the system's energy resources.

Are Council meetings open to the public?

Interested members of the public may attend the meetings, file statements with the Council, and, in accordance with Council procedures, address the meetings.

Under what legal guidelines does the Council operate?

The Council will operate under the auspices of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1972. FACA authorizes agencies of the federal government to create and operate advisory committees with uniform guidelines and procedures.

How does FACA work?

The Federal Advisory Committee Act requires adoption of a charter that establishes procedures for the Council's operations. This includes guidelines on how members are selected and how meetings are called and recorded. The Act requires that meetings be open to the public except in rare circumstances and specifies that the Council will act in an advisory role only, with actual decisions regarding all matters under the Council's consideration made by the sponsoring agency.

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