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Eligibility and Contract Requirements

While TVA’s Green Power Providers program is limited to renewable energy projects of less than or equal to 50 kilowatts (kW), the Renewable Standard Offer program is designed for developers of larger projects.

Projects must:

  • Be located in the TVA power service territory.
  • Be greater than 50 kW and less than or equal to 20 megawatts
  • Have been built after October 1, 2010
  • Be solar photovoltaics, wind, combustion and gasification of qualified biomass, biomass co-firing (50% minimum of qualified liquid and gaseous biomass), and methane recovery and utilization
  • Establish an interconnection with a distributor’s or TVA’s electric system distributor

Only one project per renewable fuel type may be allowed on a single property, subject to TVA review and approval.

The Renewable Standard Offer is limited to a total of 100 MW for all projects in 2015.  TVA will start accepting applications on January 1, 2015. Applications received in excess of capacity availability will be placed on a waiting list.

Renewable energy credits (RECs), which are earned by the renewable power generation and can be traded commercially, become the property of TVA.

All projects are subject to environmental review in accordance with requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. An environmental impact statement is prepared if necessary. Project developers are responsible for the costs of the environmental review.

Project developers are required to set up an interconnection to the power grid with TVA or a local distributor, independent of the Renewable Standard Offer contract.

Power Source Standards

Renewable Standard Offer fuel sources are defined as follows:

  • Solar — Solar photovoltaics using fixed or single/dual axis tracking systems, which can be mounted on the ground or on top of a structure
  • Wind — Turbines in conventional sizes for utility-scale power generation
  • Direct combustion or gasification of qualified biomass — Consumption of the biomass represents 95 percent or more of the total heat input to the project. The project must comply with laws regarding emissions.
  • Biomass co-firing — The biomass is in a gaseous or liquid state; is separately metered; and contracts are in place to verify that the biomass portion was converted to energy output, or the project uses a TVA-approved fuel-consumption heat content verification method. The project must comply with laws regarding emissions. Co-firing of solid biomass is not allowed.
  • Bio-diesel — Achieves a nitrogen oxide emission rate of 1.6 pound per megawatt-hour or lower; uses bio-diesel manufactured in the TVA power service territory from sources present locally: and complies with laws regarding emissions.

Supply Guarantee

The developer of the project guarantees the supply of sufficient energy to TVA to meet or exceed TVA’s supply requirements for peak and off-peak months. Developers failing to meet either requirement pay damages to TVA.


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