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Right tree, right place

""Tall trees and thick or woody shrubs in transmission rights of way:

  • Increase the chance of outages
  • Slow down repairs
  • Increase maintenance costs
  • Increase safety risk

That's why TVA works vigorously to find and remove trees and shrubs that grow too high or too close to our transmission lines.

But we need your help to make sure we have the right trees in the right places.

Before planting anything in a right of way, consult this list of suggested low-growing trees and shrubs that may be compatible with certain areas of the right of way. Just remember that even if a particular tree or shrub is on the list, it might still be a problem if you plant it in the wrong place.

That's why it's a good idea to always call your TVA Transmission Right of Way Sector Forester before planting anything. They can help you make good choices that will enhance the beauty of your property without endangering the reliable power you and others depend on.




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