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How power outages can affect you


Long outages make headlines, but it's the momentary flickers we hardly notice that cause most of the damage. All it takes is a momentary brush between a power line and the branch of a tree.

Even small power outages can have big consequences for individuals and business owners, especially if power can't be restored quickly because trees and shrubs impede access to the lines:

  • Automated assembly lines can grind to a halt, requiring long and costly restarts.
  • Schools and businesses may have to close.
  • Health care at hospitals and nursing homes could be degraded; heating and cooling interruptions can be especially hard on the sick and elderly.
  • Disrupted traffic signals and darkened streets create hazardous conditions for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Office computers and communications systems may stop working, often resulting in loss of productivity and data.

Power outages are more than just an inconvenience. In more ways than we can imagine, they can affect our health, our safety, our jobs and our financial security. And all it takes is one tree in the wrong place.




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