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EPA Report On Selenium

In response to concerns on selenium expressed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Staff, the Environmental Protection Agency prepared an EPA Science Panel Review paper. The report, which was prepared for Committee staff, relates several key points on selenium related to the Kingston spill:

  • “The available surface water monitoring data…demonstrates that most metals and metalloids are not readily leaching off the particles spilled into the Emory River …”
  • The TVA and TDEC monitoring data “…do not support the concept that the spill and subsequent dredging have elevated levels of selenium in water enough to pose a risk to aquatic life.”
  • “selenium concentrations in surface water…suggest that no adverse ecological impacts in the river systems have occurred at  this time.”
  • “…it is the Panel’s opinion that the continued monitoring of unspeciated selenium in the water is the best current basis for assessing the potential hazards of any changes in selenium concentrations…”
  • “Because of the significant lag time between selenium mobilization and biological response, the monitoring strategy should be a systematic effort to track accumulation over time…”

The entire report can be viewed on the EPA's Kingston site at (Choose the Selenium Reports link on the left side of the page.)


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