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""The Radiography section of the Inspection Services Organization (ISO) is primarily responsible for providing industrial radiography support to TVA facilities. Radiography’s capabilities include both low-energy electrical x-ray and gamma radiography, which utilizes higher-energy gamma ray sources.

The section uses conventional film radiography and state-of-the-art computed radiography to produce internal images of the equipment being inspected. Flaws in an internal component can be detected and assessed to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Radiography staff has more than 200 years of combined experience across a broad cross section of industries, including nuclear, fossil, hydro, aviation, structural and the military. Key ISO personnel, including members of the Radiography staff, are recognized as industry experts and serve on local, national and international committees and working groups that set standards for the nondestructive evaluation (NDE) industry and share information across all industries.

ISO also contracts with outside NDE companies for additional manpower, as necessary. With contracts in place, Radiography is capable of providing an essentially unlimited number of qualified and certified personnel.

For more information, contact:

Joel W. Whitaker
Manager, Radiography Section
Office: (423) 843-4393
Cell: (423) 593-3075





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