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Eddy Current Testing

""The Eddy Current Section is responsible for providing eddy current testing of heat exchangers at TVA power plants and facilities.

The section’s capabilities include conventional bobbin inspections, remote field testing and numerous specialized applications, and use of robotic positioning equipment for inspection of highly contaminated heat exchangers. In addition to performing inspections, the section maintains a historical database for all of the heat exchangers inspected at TVA. 

The multidiscipline group consists of employees with primary expertise in the field of eddy current. They have combined experience of more than 60 years in a variety of industries, including nuclear, fossil and hydro power, and the military.   

Eddy Current Section personnel participate in industry working groups through the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to develop new inspection probes and techniques for the inspection of heat exchangers. The group has two industry Qualified Data Analysts (QDA) to support the complex inspection of steam generators. 

ISO also contracts as necessary with outside NDE companies for additional manpower, giving the Eddy Current Section the ability to provide an essentially unlimited number of qualified and certified personnel.

For more information, contact:

W. Ed Freeman
Manager, Eddy Current/Radiography Section
Office: (423) 876-4129

Cell: (423) 326-4999





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