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Questions & Answers for January 2014

How and when can I apply for Green Power Providers in calendar year 2014?

TVA will begin receiving customer requests to apply for capacity (Request) from participating local power companies (LPC) during an open period of January 15 through February 17, per the 2014 application Process. Requests do not guarantee capacity until a Participation Agreement has been reviewed and approved by the local power company and TVA. Requests submitted directly to TVA by anyone other than the Local Power Company cannot be accepted.

How much capacity will be available through Green Power Providers?

TVA and participating LPCs will offer 10 megawatts of Green Power Providers capacity in 2014. Capacity will be separated into two pools with 40%, or 4 megawatts, reserved for residential customers and 60 percent, or 6 megawatts, reserved for commercial customers. TVA will also accept an additional 30 percent capacity in each pool to be utilized as a waitlist.

How will capacity Requests be tracked and communicated to the public once requests are received by TVA?

TVA will carefully track each Request submitted within each capacity pool. Each Request will be assigned a unique position number and returned to the LPC. The LPC will share the Request and its unique position number with the customer.

When will I know if my request for capacity was approved or not by TVA?

Shortly after the open capacity reservation request period of January 15 through February 17 closes, TVA will determine how to move forward with the capacity Requests received through February 17. A random selection of capacity Requests will be employed only in the event that either capacity pool is oversubscribed (more requests received than capacity available). If either capacity pool is undersubscribed (fewer requests received than capacity available), a random selection of capacity requests will not be needed. TVA will announce such news on its website and the necessary next steps for customers.

Can customers or contractors submit Requests directly to TVA if the LPC has approved a Request?

Green Power Providers is offered and implemented by participating LPCs, and TVA can only accept Requests from the LPC to ensure the proper processes leading up to the submittal of a Request have been followed.

Will projects that were submitted but denied or returned in August receive priority once they are resubmitted?

Requests for projects previously submitted to TVA that are either denied or not accepted, due to reaching the capacity limit, will not receive priority and a new Request must be submitted by the LPC for consideration.

What happens if more capacity is submitted than capacity available?

Shortly after February 17, TVA will determine if a random selection of Requests will be necessary due to capacity being oversubscribed. Please read the Process carefully, which describes what will take place in an under or oversubscribed situation.

What happens if fewer Requests for capacity are submitted than capacity available for either capacity pool?

In the event capacity is undersubscribed for one or both capacity pools, TVA will extend the open capacity request period until the pool(s) is fully subscribed plus 30 percent more for a waitlist. For the Requests submitted on or before February 17, TVA will begin receiving Participation Agreements from LPCs as described in the Process.

What happens if some approved projects do not come to fruition and capacity becomes available?

For both the residential and non-residential capacity pools, TVA will also accept an additional 30 percent capacity in each pool to be utilized as a waitlist. If approved Requests are cancelled or are deemed to be ineligible after submitting a Participation Agreement, or projects do not come to fruition, TVA will then notify the next person on the waitlist, who will have the opportunity to apply for interconnection with their LPC and submit a Participation Agreement to TVA for potential approval.

Are there any other opportunities to participate in an incentive-based program offered by TVA or my Local Power Company?

Renewable opportunities remain available through TVA's Renewable Standard Offer (RSO) program – designed for renewable systems greater than 50 kW up to 20 MW – where approximately 100 MW of capacity will be available in 2014. There may be an opportunity for additional incentives for RSO projects through the Solar Solutions Initiative as well.

When is my premium locked in? When my Request is accepted or when the Participation Agreement is signed by TVA? How will I know what premium I will get?

The premium will vary based on the renewable technology, and the date and calendar year on which TVA signs the Participation Agreement. The applicable premiums for each calendar year will be provided in the guidelines, which should be read and understood by the customer before applying for Green Power Providers. Please note the qualifying system(s) must be completed, installed, and generating at full capacity within 180 calendar days from the date TVA signs the Participation Agreement in order to receive the premium rate for that calendar year.

What factors were considered when reviewing the premium incentives?

TVA considered a number of factors, including:

  • Market - program participation, other available incentives and Green Power Switch participation
  • Cost - installed cost of renewable energy systems
  • Budget - annual review process
  • Value - including potential renewable and/or clean energy legislation

What are the new, adjusted premiums for solar and capacity offered?

TVA Programs

2013 Values

2014 Values

Capacity Offered

Solar Premium* (¢/kWh)

Capacity Offered

Solar Premium (¢/kWh)

Renewable Standard Offer
(51 kW - 20 MW)





Solar Solutions Initiative
(51 kW - 1 MW)





Green Power Providers
(0.5 - 50 kW)





*The 2014 premium for wind, biomass, and hydro will be 3 cents.

Why is the premium for solar lower in 2014 than it was in 2013?

As renewable energy system costs continue to decrease and become more affordable, there is less need for subsidies for small-scale renewable generation. TVA wants to promote sustainable growth in small-scale renewable generation, while continuing to support local industry and provide a smooth path to grid parity.

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2014 Green Power Providers Guidelines

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