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Vol. 5, No. 2 — Summer 2005


Tennessee state parks go green

NASHVILLE—Tennessee will become one of the first states in the nation to purchase green power for all of its state parks where the renewable option is available, Governor Phil Bredesen announced on Earth Day. “There’s no better day than Earth Day to focus on the benefits of increased use of renewable energy sources,” Bredesen said at an event at Bicentennial Mall State Park in Nashville. Forty-four of Tennessee’s 54 state parks will have access to green power through TVA’s Green Power Switch program and will purchase a combined total of 1,149 blocks each month.

image of parks logoThe state parks’ purchase is equivalent to the environmental benefits of planting 418 acres of trees, recycling 8.8 million aluminum cans, recycling more than a million pounds of newspaper, or removing 270 cars from Tennessee highways. “This announcement demonstrates the environmental leadership of our state parks system and our commitment to supporting greater utilization of renewable-energy sources,” Bredesen said. “Reducing traditional power production through the increased use of green power lessens impacts on the environment, which is especially important to help improve air quality in Tennessee.”

The state of Tennessee currently buys green power for the executive residence and state buildings in downtown Nashville. TVA Senior Vice President of Marketing Jim Keiffer noted that Tennessee is home to several of TVA’s innovative renewable-energy generation resources for Green Power Switch, including Buffalo Mountain Wind Park and 10 of 16 solar-generating sites. TVA also operates a methane co-firing project at Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis. Keiffer said Tennessee’s investment in Green Power Switch will be an asset for all Tennesseans and will help ensure that the state remains a beautiful place to live, work, and play for generations to come.

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