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BP Demonstrates Corporate Responsibility

BP Oil, Inc., is putting green power to work to create a cleaner, greener community for their customers and neighbors. At the same time, BP is also helping those in need pay their electric bills by participating in Murfreesboro Electric Department’s Green Power Switch® and Magic Dollar programs.

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  From left to right, Gary Harris, Green Power Switch Program Manager, TVA; Larry Dunn, Company Account Executive, BP; Mayor Tommy Bragg, City of Murfreesboro; Betty Hester, Community Helpers; and Amy Byers, Murfreesboro Electric Department, at the City of Murfreesboro’s Earth Day Celebration on April 22, 2003.  
“The City of Murfreesboro would like to commend BP for supporting our local community and our environment,” said Murfreesboro Mayor Tommy Bragg. The Magic Dollar Program helps to pay for the electricity needs of Murfreesboro neighbors who, for one reason or another, are having temporary financial difficulties. MED customers can participate in this program by having only one dollar, or any amount they choose, added to their electric bill each month. The money received is forwarded to Community Helpers of Rutherford County for allocation to qualifying recipients.

“ We are proud to be a part of Green Power Switch and the Magic Dollar Program because both naturally align with BP’s mission of managing environmental and social impacts and improving performance,” said Larry Dunn, company account executive for BP.

BP is also working to reduce its own emissions as well as developing a range of cleaner energies for its customers. To support this, BP is researching, investing and building a renewable material and alternative energy business with a focus on solar, wind and hydrogen. To find out more about BP, visit


image of earth day festivities

image of earth day festivities

Earth Day Events
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy signs up new Green Power Switch® participants at Nashville’s Earth Day Festival 2003 on April 19. Nashvillians gathered to celebrate the environment and had the opportunity to collect information from more than 60 exhibits as well as enjoy a free concert. Patty Griffin and Los Lobos headlined the event.

image of earth day festivities image of earth day festivities

Local Huntsville, Ala., residents celebrated the environment at a promotional Earth Day radio remote on April 12 where local children learned about Green Power Switch.


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