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Green Power Switch News
Vol. 2, No. 3—
Summer 2002

Keeping it clean, brewing green

photo of Kate Tallmadge and Pete McNamara
Kate Tallmadge, Vice President of Customer Service and Marketing, Nashville Electric Service, and Pete McNamara, District Manager, Starbucks.

To become the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while being environmentally conscientious is the mission of one Green Power Switch customer. “Starbucks is very proud to be part of Green Power Switch,” says District Manager Peter McNamara. “One of our core mission principles is to make a positive contribution to the environment, and this program allows us to do so.”

Starbucks arrived in the Valley in 1999, when it opened offices in Tennessee. Now it has nine stores in Nashville alone, and each one buys between five and 25 blocks of green power a month. Starbucks joined the Green Power Switch and Nashville Electric Service team in April 2000.

“Since the beginning of our participation in green power, we have saved the equivalent energy of recycling 687,500 aluminum cans or 91,667 pounds of newspaper,” says McNamara. “We look forward to our continued participation in the program as we expand our business and would encourage every community-conscious business to join as well. The cost is minimal and the benefits are great.”


photo of wind turbineWind farm cleanup
In honor of Earth Day, TVA conducted tours of the Buffalo Mountain Wind Park on April 20. More than 75 citizens toured the site of the first commercial wind-power facility in the Southeast. TVA also joined the Windrock ATV Club, Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company (the owner of the land), and Keep Roane County Beautiful in sponsoring the second annual trash-pickup effort in the area. Due to increased awareness, the amount of trash collected was less this year, filling two dumpsters as compared with seven during the previous cleanup.


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