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Energy Sources

Solar Power

solar panelThe sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy. That’s why TVA is using photovoltaic (PV) panels to transform solar energy into usable electricity.

When rays of sunshine strike a solar panel, they give some of the electrons inside it more energy, a process that creates an electrical current.

TVA has set up photovoltaic systems at various solar sites throughout the region.

Can PV systems produce power on cloudy days? See the Solar FAQ for the answer to this question and others.

Wind Energy

solar panelProperly placed wind turbines can generate electric power anywhere the wind blows steady and strong.

Wind turbines use the momentum of moving air to quietly turn large blades that are attached to the shaft of an efficient electric generator.

Wind energy is a major contributor to Green Power Switch. TVA has one wind power site, located on Buffalo Mountain near Oak Ridge, Tenn. The site has 15 very large and three smaller turbines.

How large are the blades on the wind turbines? See the Wind Q&A for the answer to this question and others.


solar panelWastewater methane collection is a potential source of renewable energy. Biogas energy is produced when organic wastes decay – in wastewater treatment plants or landfills, for example. TVA collects methane gas, a by-product of organic decay, from the city of Memphis wastewater treatment plant and co-fires it with coal at Allen Fossil Plant.

How does firing methane with coal help the environment? Read the answer to this and other questions in the Biogas FAQ.





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Buffalo Mountain Tour

Green Power Switch staff hosted a tour of the Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm in October 2013 for business customers and power company partners. View photos from the event.

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