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Waste Minimization

Environmental Objective

TVA will increase environmental sustainability in waste management by focusing on waste avoidance, lowering generation of waste and increasing recycling.

One of TVA’s strengths is its waste management system at its facilities by trained environmental personnel. TVA integrates waste management at every level of its operations to help preserve our region’s national resources.

TVA has a strong focus on management of waste from coal combustion, which is its single largest source of waste. About 43 percent of this waste is recycled into usable by-products. TVA also recycles the majority of its electronic waste and scrap metal, and works with others to find ways to better manage nuclear waste.

TVA will build on its existing waste management efforts by targeting waste reduction at the source (in part through improved procurement practices), avoiding waste generation and increasing recycling.

Factors Critical for Waste Minimization Success

  • Pursue operational and business practices at all TVA facilities to decrease waste generation and improve recycling.
  • Increase the percentage of recycled waste from burning of coal to generate power.
  • Minimize low-level nuclear waste and support efforts to find innovative and sustainable solutions for management of spent nuclear fuel waste.
  • Reduce the risk of releases of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) to the environment by eliminating use of PCBs in large electrical equipment.

Read more about waste minimization in TVA's Environmental Policy


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