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Campbell Creek Research Homes

What are the Campbell Creek Research Homes, and what do they have to do with TVA's mission?

Three experimental homes in the Campbell Creek subdivision in Knoxville are being used over the next few years to evaluate residential building technologies, energy efficiency technologies, smart grid concepts and consumer energy-use behaviors in a real-world environment.

One home — the Builder Home — represents a typical house currently built in the TVA region. The second home, also built as a typical house, has been retrofitted with energy efficiency technologies that an existing homeowner could add to improve efficiency. This is called the Retrofit Home.

The third house has been built using the latest in construction and energy efficiency technologies to make it as efficient as possible and still provide excellent curb appeal. This home employs photovoltaic panels and solar water heating to help make it a near-zero-energy house.

What is TVA doing about this technology?

These experimental homes enable TVA to investigate cutting edge technologies in real-world houses. These homes are uninhabited but robotically controlled, so that consistent living conditions can be simulated in each home for purposes of comparison.

Simulations include opening and closing the refrigerator doors, turning showers on and off, turning lights on and off, washing and drying clothes, and maintaining consistent ambient temperatures in all three homes.

Energy use is being monitored to evaluate the effectiveness of the new technologies. As TVA and the distributors of TVA power evaluate the latest in energy efficiency and smart grid technologies for residential building, we will be able to test those concepts at Campbell Creek.

What are the possibilities for the Campbell Creek project?

The Campbell Creek homes enable builders, developers and consumers to learn how to apply new technologies, as well as their costs and benefits. TVA uses the data collected to educate consumers and develop incentive programs for energy efficiency in new and existing homes, and for user response to increased demands on the power grid. More information on the Campbell Creek project is available at the project website.








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