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Advanced Low-Temperature Power Cycle Technology

What is advanced low-temperature power cycle technology, and what has it got to do with TVA's mission?

Industrial processes often produce waste heat from which businesses could generate electricity. But this waste heat may not be hot enough to be used cost-effectively with conventional generating technology.

TVA has developed and patented a new technology specifically designed to solve these problems. Advanced Low-Temperature Power Cycle enables low temperature waste heat (as low as 290 degrees Fahrenheit) to be converted into electricity relatively inexpensively.

ALTPC is economical to use in small operations or with low waste-heat temperatures because it is simple, compact, and modular, and delivers higher efficiency than steam with lower capital cost, smaller size and much less operating labor.  

What is TVA doing about it?

In 2006, TVA licensed Facilities Management Company, Inc., of Boston to operate and market ALTPC in the United States; the license has since been terminated. TVA has evaluated ALTPC at a TVA customer’s facility.

What are the possibilities for ALTPC?

ALTPC has the potential to provide economical, clean energy from industrial waste heat.  ALTPC could be used to satisfy waste heat to energy requirements of the EPA settlement agreement.  ALTPC is particularly well-suited for small, unusual or low-temperature applications where conventional steam power generation would be uneconomical or impractical.


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