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Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan

On August 20, 2000, the TVA Board of Directors adopted a new Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan. The adopted plan covers 12,643 acres of TVA lands on Tellico Reservoir and is used to guide land use approvals, private water use facility permitting, and resource management decisions on these lands. The planned lands are allocated to various planning zones as follows: 7,137 acres for natural resource conservation; 2,185 acres for sensitive resource management; 1,804 acres for recreation development; 635 acres for TVA project operations and public works; 552 acres for shoreline residential access; and 331 acres for industrial and commercial development. About half of the land remains committed to specific uses which have not changed.

Alternative land management plans for Tellico Reservoir were evaluated in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) issued in March 2000 and a Final EIS issued in July 2000. The only change in the Allocation Alternative between the Draft EIS and the Final EIS was in the proposed use of a 140-acre tract (Parcel No. 23, Lotterdale Cove), which was changed from Recreation to Natural Resource Conservation.


PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan (238 kb)
This document outlines TVA’s plan for the management of the public land surrounding Tellico Reservoir over the next 10 years. It takes into account public comments received on the proposal.

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Record of Decision (122 kb)
Summary (274 kb)
Abstract, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents (66 kb)
Includes lists of tables and exhibits.

Chapter 1: Purpose of and Need for Action (103 kb)
The purpose of the proposed management plan, the decisions at hand, public involvement to date, and a general scoping for the DEIS.

Chapter 2: Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action (145 kb)
Description of the two alternatives evaluated and the alternative eliminated from consideration, a comparison of the two alternatives, and a brief description of the preferred alternative.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment and Potential Effects (254 kb)
Detailed descriptions of the specific affected environments and detailed discussion of the environmental consequences for the areas in and around Tellico Reservoir for all of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern.  The plan’s specific proposed mitigation measures are also included in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Supporting Information (61 kb)
Lists of all preparers, contributors, and agencies consulted; a glossary of technical terms found in the text; and lists of acronyms used and literature cited.

Appendix A-1 (182 kb)
Scoping Results.

Appendix A-2 (106 kb)
Responses to Public Comments on the DEIS.

Appendices B-1 through B-4 (67 kb)
Appendix B-1. Proposed River Corridor Guidelines
Appendix B-2. Planning Team Members
Appendix B-3. Criteria for Parcel Rating and Ranking
Appendix B-4. TVA Uncommitted Parcel Rating and Ranking

Appendix C-1 (319 kb)
State Historical Preservation Officer Memorandum of Agreement

Appendices C-2 through C-6 (142 kb)
Appendix C-2. Terrestrial Ecology and Wetland Species
Appendix C-3. Hydrologic Unit Classifications (HUCs)
Appendix C-4. Reservoir Fish Assemblage Index (RFAI)
Appendix C-5. Prime Farmland
Appendix C-6. Flood Plains - Flood Profiles

Index (12 kb)

Allocation Changes

Tellico XTELR-6PT, XTELR-8PT, XTELR-9PT and TELR-1426 (115kb)


For more information on the Land Plan and EIS, contact Steven L. Akers at the Little Tennessee Watershed Team, 260 Interchange Park Dr., LCB 1A-LCT, Lenoir City, TN 37772-5664, 865-632-1300, or send an e-mail to, attn. Steven L. Akers. In the Subject line, type “Tellico Land Plan.”




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