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Final Environmental Assessment

Sunset Bay Residential Development

Request for entrance road, community dock, and boat ramp, and a deed modification on Lost Creek Embayment, Norris Reservoir

TVA appreciates your interest in the Sunset Bay DEA. During the spring of 2002, the general public, state and federal officials, and various special interest groups were invited to participate in the public scoping for this project. Few comments were received. TVA and USACE specialists used this public input, resource data, and their professional knowledge about the project area to develop a draft environmental assessment addressing various resource issues.

This final environmental assessment evaluates the effects of the proposal by Tennessee Emmons LLC to construct an entrance road, community dock, and boat ramp, and the request for a deed modification to allow houses and structures to be built on about 14 acres of private land below elevation 1044-foot mean sea level over which TVA owns flowage easement rights on the Lost Creek embayment, Norris Reservoir. These actions require deeded landrights modification and approval under Section 26a of the TVA Act. The EA evaluates the potential effects of three alternatives: no action, the applicant’s proposal, and the applicant’s proposal with mitigation resulting from the Section 26a and land use review.

After completion of the EA, TVA finds that the impacts of adopting Alternative 3, the applicant’s proposal with mitigation resulting from the environmental review, would be insignificant. In total, approval of these actions for the Sunset Bay Residential Development will not have a significant impact on the quality of the environment. Accordingly, an environmental impact statement is not required.

Link to Sunset Bay Finding of No Significant Impact


The entire final environmental assessment, including figures, tables, and appendices, can be viewed by section, as noted below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Table of contents (19 kb)
Includes tables, figures, and appendices.

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need for Action (1.57 mb)
The nature of the proposed project and the federal approvals requested.

Chapter 2: Alternatives and Mitigation Measures (26 kb)
Land management environmental decision record

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (732 kb)
The alternatives, including TVA’s preferred alternative, the likely implications of their selection, and potential mitigation measures.

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (197 kb)
The environmental consequences that would likely result from adopting any of the three alternatives.

Chapter 5: List of Commitments (19 kb)
Commitments that would be implemented with the selection of Alternatives 2 or 3.

Chapter 6: List of Preparers and Contributors (14 kb)
Lists of TVA and USACE preparers and other contributors.

Chapter 7: Agencies, Persons, and References Consulted (17 kb)
Federal, state, and local agencies consulted and distribution list for the joint public notice issued by USACE in May 2002.

Chapter 8: Supporting Information (15 kb)
Literature cited and acronyms and abbreviations used.

Chapter 9(1): Comments and Responses (952 kb)
Chapter 9(2): Additional Comments and Responses (849 kb)
Comments received from the public and federal, state, and local agencies and TVA or USACE responses.

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Appendix A
Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Gray and Indiana Bats.
Appendix A-1 (text and drawings, 666 kb)
Appendix A-2 (photos, 1.97 mb)

Appendix B (2.10 mb)
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Water Pollution Control Notification of Authorization for Storm Water Discharge

Appendix C (20 kb)
Contract for Sale of Wetland Mitigation Credit(s)

Appendix D (11 kb)
USACE Section 404(B)(1) Guideline Evaluation

Appendix E (808 kb)
Phase I and Phase II lakefront and lake view vital information statement

Appendix F (26 kb)
TVA responses to agency and public comments

Appendix G (720 kb)
Finding of no significant impact

For more information

Printed copies of the entire Sunset Bay DEA are available upon request. For more information or a copy of the document, contact:

Stanford E. Davis
400 West Summit Hill Dr. WT 8C
Knoxville, TN 37902
E-mail: tvainfo@tva.gov (Attn.: Stanford E. Davis)

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