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Replacement or Rejuvenation of Catalyst for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems at Seven TVA Fossil Plants

To maintain the continuity of TVA fossil power facilities as generating assets and ensure that air emission reductions from these plants continue to contribute to system-wide targets for reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), TVA has prepared a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). The documents are in support of decisions regarding: 1) whether or not to rejuvenate or replace catalyst used in the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems at seven TVA plants over the next few years; and 2) selection of one or more methods for doing so, if rejuvenation or replacement is chosen. The seven plants are Allen, Bull Run, Colbert, Cumberland, Kingston, Paradise and Widows Creek.

In addition to the no action alternative, the proposed methods reviewed were:

  • Replacement of SCR catalyst
  • On-site, in situ rejuvenation of SCR catalyst
  • On-site, ex situ rejuvenation of SCR catalyst
  • A combination alternative titled delayed rejuvenation of SCR catalyst on-site, ex situ, and interim replacement with new catalyst.

The specific nature of deactivation of the SCR catalyst may vary between fossil plants, favoring one method of replacement or rejuvenation over another at any particular plant. Among the rejuvenation alternatives, determination of the appropriate cleaning, rejuvenation, and/or regeneration process would be based on economics and the particular catalyst deactivation mechanisms at the specific plant.

Therefore, TVA prefers to maintain the flexibility to select among all the proposed action alternatives, as economically and technologically appropriate, to address the plant-specific nature of catalyst deactivation.


Final Environmental Assessment (1.28 mb)

Finding of No Significant Impact (27 kb)

(PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader)


For more imformation, contact Bruce Yeager or by phone at 865-632-6506.

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