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Pickwick Reservoir Land Management Plan

On September 10, 2002, the TVA Board of Directors decided to adopt the preferred land plan alternative (Alternative B) for managing TVA public land on Pickwick Reservoir. Under this alternative, the 19,238 acres being planned are allocated as follows: 16,291 acres as natural resource conservation (Zone 4), sensitive resource management (Zone 3), and TVA project operations (Zone 2); 1,327 acres as developed recreation (Zone 6) uses such as marinas, campgrounds, parks, and boat ramps; 1,085 acres as residential lake access (Zone 7), and 534 acres as industrial or commercial use (Zone 5).

During spring 2001, the general public, state and federal officials, and various special interest groups were invited to participate in the planning process. TVA specialists used this public input, resource data, and their professional knowledge about the reservoir to develop draft allocations for the various parcels of reservoir lands. These allocations are the foundation of a land management plan that will support TVA goals, balance competing demands, respond to the needs of our stakeholders, and meet our responsibility to protect natural resources.

The final environmental impact statement (FEIS) examines the potential effects of continuing to manage public lands on Pickwick Reservoir under the existing 1981 Pickwick Land Management Plan (Alternative A) or adopting an updated plan (Alternatives B and C).


The public summary and the entire DEIS and plan can be viewed by section, as noted below PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Record of Decision (129 kb)

Final Environmental Impact Statement

This is the complete text of the final environmental impact statement, divided into the following sections for faster downloading:

Summary and Table of Contents (243 kb)
Includes an abstract, a summary of the issues and alternatives considered, the table of contents, and a table of acronyms and abbreviations.

Chapter 1: Background, Purpose, and Need for Action (243 kb)
Background of Pickwick Reservoir, purpose of the proposed land management plan, other pertinent environmental reviews and documentation, and the goals of the plan.

Chapter 2: Alternatives (105 kb)
Proposed action of the land management plan, a description of the three alternatives, and a comparison of the alternatives.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (235 kb)
Detailed description of the environmental setting and a discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern in the area around Pickwick Reservoir (see the Summary and Table of Contents for a list of all the resources evaluated).

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (134 kb)
Discussion of environmental consequences under the three alternatives for each specified resource. Includes a list of proposed mitigation measures.

Chapter 5: Supporting Information (77 kb)
Lists of preparers, contributors, and agencies consulted and literature cited.

Appendix A (196 kb)
Results of public scoping efforts.

Appendix B (203 kb)
A parcel-by-parcel comparison of allocations in the existing 1981 land use plan and the proposed plan update.

Appendix C (156 kb)
A table listing rare plant species in counties bordering Pickwick Reservoir.

Appendix D (66 kb)
A table listing terrestrial animal species found in the Pickwick Reservoir area and their habitats observed.

Appendix E (191 kb)
A table listing soils which occupy TVA land surrounding Pickwick Reservoir and the Farmland Conversion Impact Rating.

Appendix F (45 kb)
A detailed description of the scenic characteristics of Pickwick Reservoir.

Appendix G (41 kb)
Tennessee River - Pickwick Reservoir flood profiles.

Appendix H (171 kb)
TVA’s responses to comments received on the draft environmental impact statement.

Appendix I (921 kb)
Letters received from the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the States of Tennessee and Alabama Historical Commissions on the Draft EIS

Appendix J (163 kb)
Suitability and capability criteria for rating and ranking parcels


Panel A (PDF, 3.6 mb)

Panel B (PDF, 4.2 mb)

Panel C (PDF, 4.3 mb)

Panel D (PDF, 3.8 kb)

Panel E (PDF, 3.5 mb)

All_Panels (PDF, 19.4 mb)




Pickwick XPR14PT2 RLMP Error (397 kb)

Pickwick XPR25PT2 RLMP Error (377 kb)

Pickwick XPR-71PT2 (865 kb)

Pickwick XPR-104PT2 (1.4 mb)


For more information on the Land Plan and EIS, or to obtain a printed copy of any of the documents, contact:

TVA Environmental Information Center
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT-11
Knoxville, TN 37902

(800) 882-5236



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