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Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan and Environmental Assessment

TVA appreciates your interest in the Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan (Norris Plan). The final environmental assessment (EA) and Norris Plan are being issued by TVA following the review and comment period of the draft version. Comments from the general public, various state and federal agencies, elected officials, resource conservation groups, and other interested groups were considered in modifying the draft and completing the final EA and Norris Plan.

TVA issued its environmental decision document, a finding of no significant impact (FONSI), on August 8, 2001. On September 19, the TVA Board of Directors approved the proposed plan, adopting Alternative B (Norris Plan, the preferred alternative). The Norris Plan places emphasis on generating prosperity in the region through balancing resource conservation and protection, economic development, recreation development, and water-quality enhancement while continuing to support public use.


The public summary or the entire DEA and plan can be viewed by section, as noted below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Public Summary (1 mb)
This document gives an overview of the EA, summarizing the background and purpose of the study, public involvement, alternatives considered, and environmental effects on relevant resources for use of TVA public land surrounding Norris Reservoir.

Note: Exhibit 1 is not included because the area maps for Alternative B are too large for Web-page formatting. To request print copies, call the Clinch-Powell Watershed Team at 865-632-1539 or call 800-TVA-LAND; you may also e-mail (attn. Chellie Cook). In the Subject line type “Norris Exhibit Print Copy.” Please include your postal mailing address.

Complete Text

This is the complete text of the environmental assessment, divided into the following sections for faster downloading:

  • Abstract and Executive Summary (341 kb)
    Includes a one-page abstract summarizing important points in the EA and Norris Plan. This section also includes a four-page executive summary that briefly describes and compares the alternatives, identifies the preferred alternative, and gives a list of commitments.
  • Table of Contents (73 kb)
    Includes chapters, sections, appendixes, tables, figure and exhibit titles and page references. (See note above on Exhibit 1, area maps for Alternative B.)
  • Chapter 1: Purpose of and Need for Action (234 kb)
    Background of Norris Reservoir, purpose of the proposed land management plan, other pertinent environmental reviews or documentation, decisions to be made, public involvement and issue identification to date, and federal permits or licenses.
  • Chapter 2: Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action (165 kb)
    Proposed action of the land management plan, a description of the two alternatives, a comparison of the alternatives, and a brief description of the preferred alternative.
  • Chapter 3: Affected Environment and Potential Effects (186 kb)
    A detailed description of the specific affected environments; a full discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern in the Norris area (see the Table of Contents for a list of all resources evaluated); and a discussion of the cumulative impacts, unavoidable adverse effects, irreversible and irretrievable commitments of resources, energy requirements and conservation potential, relationship of short and long-term productivity, and commitments.
  • Chapter 4: Supporting Information (37 kb)
    Lists of all preparers, contributors, and agencies consulted; glossary of technical terms found in text; and literature cited.
  • Appendix A-1: Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan (287 kb)
    The Norris Plan, including the finding of no significant impact (FONSI), introduction, Norris Reservoir regional overview, public scoping summary, planning goals and objectives, allocation process, and glossary of terms.
  • Appendix A-2: Norris Reservoir Watershed Survey Results (533 kb)
    Results of previous scoping efforts, including summary of the watershed survey, summary of questionnaire and results, and summary of comments from scoping meetings.
  • Appendix A-3: Parcel Information Matrix (78 kb)
    Identifies parcel numbers, zone allocation, number of acres, reason for allocation, and prior forecast designation and Exhibit 1 map panel location for each parcel.
  • Appendix A-4: TVA Response to Public Comments and Copies of Original Comments (1.84 mb)
    Contains a table with all the comments and TVA responses. This section also contains copies of the original comments in the order received by TVA.
  • Appendix B-1: Parcel 6 - Norris Dam Reservation Tactical Plan (24 kb)
    Contains Parcel 6 - Norris Dam Reservation Tactical Plan, including introduction, customer scoping, recreation facilities, exotic plant management, wildlife management and forestry, visitor safety, shoreline management zones, maintenance, budget and a Parcel 6 - Norris Dam Reservation Tactical Plan map.
  • Appendix C-1: Wildlife Species (23 kb)
    Lists wildlife species by community.
  • Appendix C-2: Sensitive Bat Species (9 kb)
    Lists sensitive bat species known to occur in the Norris vicinity.
  • Index (9 kb)
    List of key terms used in the EA and Plan and the page number(s) the terms appear on.

Reevaluated FONSI for Deeded Access Rights

On March 17, 2010, TVA issued a Reevaluated FONSI for the Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan (NRLMP) to address the occurrence of deeded access rights of some backlying land owners. Changing all or some of the allocations of 16 parcels on Norris Reservoir from Zone 6 (Developed Recreation) to Zone 7 (Residential Access) would not be a major federal action significantly affecting the environment and is adequately addressed in the potential environmental effects of TVA’s action.  See Environmental Report.  The environmental and project goals of the NRLMP would still be met and the previous FONSI remains valid

Norris XNR80PT RLMP Error_Rev3 (392 kb)

Norris XNR-6PT

Norris XNR-272PT

For more information

Printed copies of the entire EA and Norris Plan are available for viewing at most public libraries and courthouses in the Norris Reservoir area. For more information, call the Clinch-Powell Watershed Team at 865-632-1539 or call 800-TVA-LAND; you may also e-mail (Attn.: Chellie Cook). In the Subject line type “Norris Exhibit Print Copy.” Please include your postal mailing address



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