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Nolichucky Reservoir Flood Remediation

Greene County, Tennessee

On April 13, 2007, TVA issued the Record of Decision for this project to evaluate alternative ways to address flooding effects of Nolichucky Dam and the accumulated sediment in Nolichucky Reservoir on land and property not owned by the federal government. The Record of Decision was published in the Federal Register on April 19, 2007.

TVA selected the No Action Alternative in the Record of Decision. TVA had previously identified this alternative as the preferred alternative in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) issued on November 3, 2006.

Nolichucky Dam is located about 7.5 miles south of Greeneville, in Greene County, Tennessee. The dam forms Nolichucky Reservoir (also known as Davy Crockett Lake), which extends about six miles upstream. Nolichucky Dam was built in 1913 as a single-purpose power-production facility and was acquired by TVA in 1945. Because of sediment-related problems, power production has stopped and the project has been used for wildlife management, recreation, and environmental education since 1972. Some commercial sand dredging occurs on the upper end of the reservoir.

The federal government owns approximately 54 percent of the area within the present 500-year floodplain and approximately 63 percent of the area within the 100-year floodplain around Nolichucky Reservoir. Most of the remaining approximately 1,125 acres in the 500-year floodplain is in private ownership (46 percent of this area). Sediment accumulation in the reservoir has raised the 100-year flood level by as much as 10 feet above what it probably was when TVA acquired the project in 1945.

Four alternatives were evaluated in detail in the Final EIS. They are: A- No action; B-Acquire the affected land or land rights; C-Lower the spillway in the dam; D-Remove Nolichucky Dam. Because of the limited potential for flooding and associated flood damages, TVA selected the No-Action Alternative. No alternative alleviates both sediment accumulation and flooding while protecting water quality, wetlands, and associated aquatic life and habitat. TVA will continue to provide updated flood information to Greene County officials to help ensure compliance with applicable local floodplain regulations and existing recreational uses on the reservoir would continue. The selection of the No Action Alternative would not preclude TVA working with individual landowners to address flood problems in the future.


The following documents include the executive summary, complete text of the EIS,and the record of decision. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Record of Decision (PDF, 55 kb)

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Introduction (PDF, 54 kb)
Includes abstract, executive summary, table of contents, and lists of tables and figures.

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need for Action (PDF, 556 kb)
Purpose, background, decision to be made, public participation, issues to be addressed in detail, related documents, and other introductory material.

Chapter 2: Alternatives (PDF, 376 kb)
Presents a description of each alternative way of dealing with the flooding of nonfederal land, a summary of the environmental effects that have been identified, and the identification of the preferred alternative.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (PDF, 566 kb)
Presents a systematic description of the existing environmental resources within the project area and other pertinent features in the Nolichucky River system.

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (PDF, 193 kb)
Presents a parallel description of the potential effects of each alternative on environmental resources described in Chapter 3.

Chapter 5 & 6: Supporting Information (PDF, 337 kb)
These chapters provide a variety of supporting information including a list of preparers of this EIS, a list of agencies, organizations, and persons that were notified of the completion of the EIS; acronyms, abbreviations, symbols, and glossary of terms; the references used in this evaluation; and an index of key words.

Appendix A (PDF, 823 kb)
Large scale map and lists indicating land ownership around Nolichucky Reservoir.

Panel 1 (PDF, 618 kb)
Panel 2 (PDF, 608 kb)
Panel 3 (PDF, 635 kb)
Panel 4 (PDF, 679 kb)
Panel 5 (PDF, 614 kb)
Panel 6 (PDF, 635 kb)
Panel 7 (PDF, 841 kb)

Appendix B (PDF, 915 kb)
Survey report on aquatic life encountered in the Nolichucky River.

Appendix C (PDF, 577 kb)
Lists of wetland plants and terrestrial animals observed around Nolichucky Reservoir in 2000.

Appendix D (PDF, 52 kb)
Tabular evaluation of protected species evaluated as part of this project.

Appendix E (PDF, 9 kb)
Estimated flood elevations upstream from Nolichucky Dam under each of the alternatives.

Appendix F (PDF, 360 kb)
Comments on the Draft EIS and TVA Responses

Appendix G (PDF, 271 kb)
Tennessee State Historic Preservation Officer Section 106 Letter


Stanford E. Davis, Senior Specialist
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 W. Summit Hill Drive, WT 11D
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
Phone: 865/632-2915

Stan Davis can also be reached at and provide interested people a copy of the Final EIS.



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