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Final Environmental Assessment

Knox County Deed Modification Request

TVA has completed a final environmental assessment (FEA) and issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the Knox County deed modification request on two tracts of land on Fort Loudoun Reservoir. 

Knox County proposes to sell Tract Numbers XTFL-79 and XTFL-86 to buyers who desire to use the two tracts for residential use, which would require a deed modification from TVA, as current deed restrictions prohibit any type of use other than for public recreational purposes.  

The draft EA considered the impacts of selling the above two tracts and Keller Bluff (Tract XTFL-80), but as a result of public review, Keller Bluff was withdrawn from the deed modification proposal.  Additionally, a 3.5-acre buffer will be retained on the Wright Bluff tract (Tract XTFL-86) by Knox County to allow for scenic protection and public access to the bluff.


The final environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact can be viewed below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Environmental Assessment (PDF file, 5.3 mb)

FONSI (PDF file, 96 kb)

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