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Integrated Resource Plan


Electrical utilities periodically develop integrated resource plans to determine the most cost-effective way to meet the future needs of their customers. The plans typically compile a list of various energy resource options for meeting these needs, including both new generating facilities and energy efficiency and demand response programs to reduce the demand for electricity.  These options are assembled into resource portfolios, which are then evaluated for several criteria, including capital and fuel costs, reliability, compliance with existing and anticipated future regulations and other factors. The portfolio most likely to meet corporate goals is then selected and implemented.

TVA developed its Energy Vision 2020 Integrated Resource Plan and associated environmental impact statement with extensive public involvement in 1995. Based on the evaluations in Energy Vision 2020, TVA adopted a flexible portfolio of supply- and demand-side energy resource options to meet the growing demand for electricity in the region and achieve the goals of the TVA Act and other congressional directives.