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Guntersville Reservoir Land Management Plan

We appreciate your interest in the Guntersville Reservoir Land Management Plan. During the spring of 2000 and during May 2001, the general public, state and federal officials, and various special interest groups were invited to participate in the planning process. TVA specialists used this public input, resource data, and their professional knowledge about the reservoir to develop draft allocations for the various parcels of reservoir lands. These allocations are the foundation of a land management plan that will support TVA goals, balance competing demands, respond to the needs of our stakeholders, and meet our responsibility to protect natural resources.

The final environmental impact statement (FEIS) examines the potential effects of continuing to manage public lands on Guntersville Reservoir under the existing 1983 Guntersville Land Management Plan (Alternative A) or adopting an updated plan (Alternatives B1, B2, and B3).


The public summary and the entire FEIS and plan can be viewed by section, as noted below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Note: Maps for the preferred Alternative B3 (the blended alternative) are not included because they are too large for Web-page formatting. To request printed copies, call 800-TVA-LAND, or e-mail In the Subject line type “Guntersville Print Copy.” Please include your postal mailing address.

Record of Decision selecting Alternative B3 (48 kb)

Final Environmental Impact Statement

This is the complete text of the final environmental impact statement, divided into the following sections for faster downloading:

  • Summary and Table of Contents (296 kb)
    Includes an abstract, a summary of the issues and alternatives considered, the table of contents, and a table of acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Chapter 1: Background, Purpose, and Need for Action (96 kb)
    Background of Guntersville Reservoir, purpose of the proposed land management plan, other pertinent environmental reviews and documentation, and the goals of the plan.
  • Chapter 2: Alternatives (320 kb)
    Proposed action of the land management plan, a description of the four alternatives, and a comparison of the alternatives.
  • Chapter 3: Affected Environment (184 kb)
    Detailed description of the environmental setting and a discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern in the Guntersville area (see the Summary and Table of Contents for a list of all the resources evaluated).
  • Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (72 kb)
    Discussion of environmental consequences under the four alternatives for each specified resource. Includes a list of proposed mitigation measures.
  • Chapter 5: List of Preparers and Contributors (36 kb)
    Lists of preparers, contributors, and agencies consulted, and literature cited.
  • Appendix A-1 (88 kb)
    This list of Proposed Zone Allocations for each parcel. See Note (above) for information on how to obtain maps.
  • Appendix A-2 (38 kb)
    Results of previous scoping efforts.
  • Appendix B-1 (81 kb)
    A parcel-by-parcel comparison of allocations in the existing 1983 land use plan and the proposed plan update.
  • Appendix B-2 (79 kb)
    A list of committed land use agreements on TVA public land by category.
  • Appendix C (14 kb)
    A detailed description of the scenic characteristics of Guntersville Reservoir.
  • Appendix D (862 kb)
    Farmland Conversion Impact Rating
  • Index (5 kb)
    FEIS Index
  • Appendix E: Responses to Public Comments (609 kb)
    Appendix E was compiled as a separate document and contains TVA’s responses to comments received on the draft environmental impact statement.


Guntersville XGR-32PT2

Guntersville XGR-61PT2

Guntersville XGR-108PT2, XGR-109PT2, and XGR-110PT2  

Guntersville XGR-136PT2

Guntersville XGR-167PT2

Guntersville XGR-216PT2

Guntersville XGR-227PT2

Guntersville XGR-242PT2

Guntersville XGR-273PT2


For more information

Printed copies of the entire FEIS and Guntersville Land Management Plan are available for viewing at most public libraries and courthouses in the Guntersville Reservoir area. For more information, call 800-TVA-LAND, or e-mail In the Subject line type “Guntersville FEIS.” Please include your USPS mailing address.



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