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Gulf Coast Development Wetland Fill and Mitigation

Wheeler Reservoir - Madison County, Alabama

Gulf Coast Development, LLC proposes to fill 4.76 acres of wetlands and excavate 4.16 acres of additional wetlands for the construction of two road crossings and a lake associated with the construction. The applicant proposes to mitigate for the loss of the 8.92 acres of wetlands by creating 10.58 acres of on-site wetlands adjacent to the existing wetland system. Proposed mitigation also includes placing an additional 88.84 acres of wetlands and upland buffers (total of 109.42 acres) into a conservation easement to be held by the City of Huntsville in the Greenway and Open Space Plan.


Finding of No Significant Impact (22 kb PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


To obtain a printed copy of the document and attachments, contact Helen Rucker or by phone at 865-632-6506.

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