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Aspen Grove - Westhaven Transmission Line

Williamson County, Tennessee

In order to serve the rapidly growing demand for electricity in western Williamson County, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation plans to build a substation near the Westhaven Subdivision. TVA proposes to build a 161-kV transmission line connecting this new Westhaven Substation with MTEMC’s existing Aspen Grove Substation.

TVA has reviewed the public comments regarding the proposal and evaluated the environmental data on alternative routes for the transmission line. TVA has identified its South Mack Hatcher Parkway alternative as the preferred route.

TVA has prepared this final environmental assessment evaluating the effects of building approximately 5.25 miles of 161-kV transmission line between the Aspen Grove Substation and the Westhaven substation. Additional information on the planning process is available at Williamson County Power Supply Upgrades.


The Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact can be viewed below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Table of Contents (97 kb)
Contents, list of figures and tables.

Chapter 1 (307 kb)
Purpose and Need for Action

Chapter 2 (258 kb)
Alternatives, including the proposed action

Chapter 3 (175 kb)
Affected Environment

Chapter 4 (156 kb)
Environmental Consequences

Chapter 5 (85 kb)
Supporting Information

Appendix I (96 kb)
Middle Tennessee Electric System study information related to the proposed Bingham Substation

Appendix II (4.2 Mb)
Correspondence and Public Comments

Appendix III (162 kb)
TVA/Power distributors energy efficiency initiatives

Appendix IV (89 kb)
Tennessee Valley Authority Right-Of-Way Clearing Specifications

Appendix V (89 kb)
Tennessee Valley Authority Environmental Quality Protection Specifications For Transmission Line Construction.

Appendix VI (97 kb)
Tennessee Valley Authority Transmission Construction Guidelines Near Streams

Appendix VII (83 kb)
Tennessee Valley Authority Right-Of-Way Vegetation Management

Appendix VIII (94 kb)
Fish species identified from the Harpeth River watershed by Etnier and Starnes (1993)

Appendix IX (69 kb)
Archaeological Resources

Appendix X (249 kb)
Aspen Grove - Westhaven 161-kV Transmission Line Harpeth River Erosion Control Plan

Finding of No Significant Impact (31 kb)

For more information, or to request a printed copy of these documents, contact:

Anita E. Masters, Senior NEPA Specialist
Environmental Policy and Planning
Tennessee Valley Authority
1101 Market Street, MR 2T
Chattanooga, TN 37402

E-mail: aemasters@tva.gov

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