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Scientific Literature

TVA scientists and engineers are working every day to solve complex environmental problems and analyze the effects of TVA operations on the environment. The following is a bibliography of scientific papers generated by these research efforts.

Air Quality

Mueller, S.F. 2012. Cluster Analysis of Look Rock High Ozone Events and Related Air Parcel Trajectories for 2009-2011.

Mueller, S.F. and Mallard, J.W. 2010.  Contributions of Natural Emissions to Ozone and PM2.5 as Simulated by the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Model.

Mueller, S.F, Mao, Q., and Mallard, J.W. 2010. Modeling natural emissions in the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model-Part 2: Modifications for simulating natural emissions.

Animal studies

Fiedler, J. K. 2004. Assessment of bat mortality and activity at Buffalo Mountain Windfarm, eastern Tennessee. M.S. Thesis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Fiedler, J. K., T. H. Henry, R. D. Tankersley, and C. P. Nicholson. 2007. Results of bat and bird mortality monitoring at the expanded Buffalo Mountain Windfarm, 2005. Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville.

Nicholson, C. P., R. D. Tankersley, J. K. Fiedler, and N. S. Nicholas. 2005. Assessment and prediction of bird and bat mortality at wind energy facilities in the southeastern United States, Final Report. Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville.

Reservoir releases improvements

Hadjerioua, Boulaem, Tony Rizk, Emmett M. Laursen, and Gary Hauser. Regulation of Flow Downstream of Weirs (PDF file, 237 kb)

Harshbarger, E.D., M.H. Mobley, and C.E. Bohac. Field Experiences in Improving Water Quality Downstream From Dams (PDF file, 395 kb)

Hauser, Gary E. and W. Gary Brock. The Aerating Infuser for Increasing Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations (PDF file, 627 kb)

Hauser, Gary E. and Doug I. Morris. High-Performance Aerating Weirs for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement (PDF file, 3.4 mb)

Hopping, Paul, Patrick March, Thomas Brice, and Joseph Cybularz. Update on Development of Auto-Venting Turbine Technology (PDF file, 339 kb)

Hopping, Paul, Patrick March, and Paul Wolff. Justifying, Specifying, and Verifying Performance of Aerating Turbines (PDF file, 45 kb)

March, Patrick A., Thomas A. Brice, Mark H. Mobley, and Joseph M. Cybularz. Turbines for Solving the DO Dilemma (PDF file, 484 kb)

March, Patrick A. and Richard K. Fisher. It’s Not Easy Being Green: Environmental Technologies Enhance Conventional Hydropower’s Role in Sustainable Development (PDF file, 2.72 mb)

March, Patrick A., Paul N. Hopping, and Richard K. Fisher. Status and Vision of Turbine Aeration (PDF file, 397 kb)

Mobley, Mark H. and W. Gary Brock. Aeration of Reservoirs and Releases Using TVA Porous Hose Line Diffuser (PDF file, 5.11 mb)

Mobley, Mark H. and W. Gary Brock. Widespread Oxygen Bubbles to Improve Reservoir Releases (PDF file, 886 kb)

Mobley, Mark, Willola Tyson, Joe Webb, and Gary Brock. Surface Water Pumps to Improve Dissolved Oxygen Content of Hydropower Releases (PDF file, 281 kb)

Ruane, Richard J. and Gary E. Hauser. Factors Affecting Dissolved Oxygen in Hydropower Reservoirs (PDF file, 292 kb)

Shiao, Ming, Gary Hauser, Gary Chapman, Bruce Yeager, Tom McDonough, and Jim Ruane. Tailwater Fishery Management Using a Fish Bioenergetics Model (PDF file, 186 kb





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