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Climate Change Mitigation

Environmental Objective

By 2020, TVA will stop the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by its power plants and reduce the rate of carbon emissions. It will do so by supporting energy efficiency together with a full slate of reliable, affordable sources of energy that emit lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Man-made CO2 accounts for more than 80 percent of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and 40 percent of CO2 emissions are the result of electric power generation. TVA has undertaken a study of opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating a comprehensive list of ways it can do so, and the reductions and costs resulting from each action.

Five key insights have emerged from this analysis:

  • There is a significant potential for increased energy efficiency in the TVA region , and a corresponding level of investment required to realize that potential.
  • Nuclear power can provide significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at a relatively moderate cost.
  • Compared to other parts of the country, the TVA region has a limited supply of renewable energy to help lower emissions.
  • Coal remains an important resource to help TVA deliver low-cost power.
  • Modern technologies for more efficient transmission and distribution of electric power can help support the transition to a lower-carbon energy supply.

To lower emissions of greenhouse gases, TVA will take advantage of energy sources that produce lower levels of CO2. TVA will target reducing the growth of power production by at least one-fourth in five years through energy efficiency while meeting the remaining growth through use of fuels that emit lower levels of CO2.

Factors Critical for Achieving Climate Change Mitigation

  • Reduce growth of power production by at least one-fourth over five years through energy efficiency and initiatives to lower the growth of demand for power.
  • Meet the remaining growth through lower-carbon-emitting energy sources.
  • Improve the efficiency of the TVA power transmission network.
  • Work to reduce the rate of production of greenhouse gases from existing power plants.
  • Use affordable regional resources to meet renewable and clean-energy standards and mandates.
  • Invest in generating technology that supports low- or zero-carbon emissions and electricity grid infrastructure that supports a system of lower-carbon emissions.
  • Encourage public energy efficiency, clean generation of energy by the end users themselves, green-energy offerings and regional opportunities for climate change mitigation.

Read more about climate change mitigation in TVA's Environmental Policy


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