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2010 Highlights

TVA is carrying out its historic mission of service with a renewed vision to lead the region and the nation toward a cleaner, more secure energy future and by continuing its efforts to attract and retain quality jobs for the region. The following are some of the business and operational highlights achieved during the past year.


  • In 2010, TVA adopted a renewed vision to lead the nation in improving air quality and increasing nuclear capacity, to lead the Southeast in increased energy efficiency and to improve TVA's core business of low prices, high reliability and responsible stewardship.
  • TVA presented its proposed 20-year Integrated Resource Plan for public comment during meetings across the region. The plan supports TVA's vision to lead the nation in providing cleaner, low-cost energy by 2020. It was presented formally to the TVA board in April 2011.
  • In August 2010 and April 2011, TVA announced plans to retire a total of about 2,700 megawatts of coal-fired capacity by the end of 2017.
  • Energy demand was impacted in 2010 by a record-hot summer and cold winter. TVA sold more than 173 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity for homes, businesses and industries at prices that remain below national averages.
  • TVA's power transmission system achieved a 99.999 percent reliability rating for the 11th consecutive year, providing TVA's customers with dependable service.
  • The production capability of TVA's power plants improved for the second straight year.


  • TVA is committed to responsible stewardship that protects the region's environment and natural resources for future generations. 
  • TVA is improving the environment by integrating renewable energy, such as wind and solar, into its generating mix and reducing emissions from its fossil fuel generation facilities.
  • In 2010, an EPA study found that TVA had reduced two key acid rain components – sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide – faster than the U.S. utility average. Currently, TVA sulfur dioxide emissions are 90 percent below peak levels, and nitrogen oxide emissions are 86 percent below peak levels.
  • TVA began receiving its first delivery of wind power from the Midwest in 2010 as part of plans to purchase up to 2,000 megawatts of clean and renewable energy by 2011.

Economic Development

  • TVA helped attract or retain 41,000 jobs in the region during the past year.
  • Businesses receiving TVA financial or technical assistance represented $4.3 billion in new capital investments in the regional economy.
  • Site Selection, a national industrial development magazine, ranked TVA among North America's top 10 utilities for economic development for the fifth consecutive year. TVA is one of only three utilities to receive a Top 10 ranking five years in a row.
  • TVA renewed its rural development initiative to help smaller and economically distressed communities succeed in a slowly improving economy by providing grants for resources and counsel on development strategies.
  • TVA evaluated more than 50 locations across the region and identified a dozen prime strategic locations for the growing high-tech data center industry.
  • TVA's highly successful Megasites program partners TVA with communities to market large industrial tracts for large-scale manufacturing operations, including Volkswagen's new auto factory in Chattanooga due to start production in 2011.
  • The Valley Investment Initiative program for existing business and industry helped to attract or retain more than 12,000 of the 41,000 jobs TVA helped create in 2010.  The program rewards targeted business sectors that make long-term commitments to the TVA region.


  • TVA's bonds continue to receive the best ratings from major credit-rating agencies.
  • TVA generated strong cash flow of more than $2 billion from operating activities.
  • TVA's tax equivalent payments to state and local governments reached $550 million, which was a 9 percent increase from 2009.
  • TVA contributed $1 billion to bolster its employee retirement system as an advance contribution through 2013.
  • TVA issued $1.7 billion of long-term, low-interest bonds, including $1 billion worth of 50-year global power bonds at an interest rate of 4.625 percent — the lowest-ever rate for a TVA bond with a maturity of 30 years or longer.

Fast Facts

  • TVA-generated net summer capability in 2010 was 34,068 megawatts.
  • The transmission system consists of about 16,000 miles of line.
  • TVA provides electricity to more than 9 million residents through 155 local utilities.
  • TVA is self-financed and receives no tax dollars.

Generating assets:

  • 11 fossil plants (56 active units)
  • Three nuclear plants (six units)
  • 29 hydro plants (109 units)
  • One pumped-storage plant (four units)
  • Nine combustion-turbine plants (87 units)
  • Three combined-cycle plants (seven units)
  • Two diesel-generator sites (nine units)
  • 14 solar energy sites
  • One wind-energy site
  • One digestor-gas site
  • One biomass-cofiring site

region map
Reservoirs & Power Plants

Our interactive map is your guide to the network of reservoirs and power plants operated by TVA.

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